Qolsys QR0030-840 Replacement Sensor Magnet

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The Qolsys Replacement Magnet can serve as the associated magnet for nearly any door and window contact sensor. It is specifically designed with Qolsys Sensors in mind, but it can work effectively as a standard magnet for almost any contact. Please note this is just a magnet, not a sensor!

In most cases, the magnet is mounted on the moving portion of the door or window within a half-inch of the sensor. When the door or window is closed, the magnet will be in extremely close proximity with the sensor. But when the door or window is opened, the magnet will become separated from the sensor. This will release a reed switch inside the sensor. The sensor will then alert the alarm control panel to let it know that the door or window has been opened.

If the original magnet for a door and window sensor is ever lost, this one can serve as the replacement. Although this magnet was specifically designed for Qolsys Contacts, it can technically be used with contact sensors from other manufacturers as well. As long as it can keep the internal reed switch for the contact closed, then this magnet will work just fine.

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