Mobotix MX-Q25M-Sec-D25 Network Camera w/ 5MP Day Sensor & 25mm SuperWide-Angle (FINAL SALE)

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MobotixMX-Q25M-Sec-D25 Q25 Network CamerafromMOBOTIXis a compact IP65-rated weather-proof camera featuring a 5MP day (color) sensor and 25mm super wide-angle lens. The high-sensitivity 5MP sensor captures color images of good quality even in low-light conditions. The images are captured at resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 (QXGA), and you can also select to record in lower resolutions such as Full HD or 720p. The high degree of detail provided by the 5MP sensor provides good detail when zooming. This allows for the camera to be installed far from objects and areas to be monitored.

The weatherproof MxBus and MiniUSB interfaces of the camera allow attaching MOBOTIX interface boxes and standard devices, such as 3G/UMTS modems and external storage devices (all available separately). The integrated flash memory (4GB microSD card included) provides secure long-term storage and eliminates the need for external storage devices. Most of the important video management functions that require a large amount of processing power are integrated into the camera, thereby reducing the network load.

The Network Camera w/ 5MP Day Sensor by Mobotix features:

  • Suitable for Discreet Installations -The camera is suitable for applications where a discreet design and an inconspicuous look are important. With the in-ceiling kit (available separately), the camera is suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, public buildings, waiting rooms, and showrooms.
  • Good Image Quality -The 5MP color sensor captures images of good quality even in bad weather and under low-light conditions. Thanks to its internal pre-processing of the image data, the camera can generate video streams with frame rates up to 30 fps.
  • MxLEO -MxLEO is an exposure and image optimization program that helps the camera reproduce perceptibly better and more detailed images especially under low-light conditions below 25 lux. It also reduces motion blur due to longer exposure times in low light and provides more image detail for effective identification of faces and license plates.
  • MxActivitySensor -Regardless of large objects in the foreground or small objects in the background, MxActivitySensor triggers video recording and alarm messaging only if something important is happening. Interference such as trees shaking in the wind, moving shadows and clouds, and snow falling don't lead to false alarms. Since all of this is filtered automatically, only the direction of movement of objects that should trigger alarms has to be set.
  • Image Distortion Correction -The image distortion is automatically corrected by the camera's built-in software. The PC doesn't bear this load as the image correction and generation of all desired image views take place in the camera itself.
  • -The camera transmits only the desired image sections. Only a small part of the image is used, which reduces network usage.
  • Internal DVR-The camera saves high-resolution video with sound directly to the installed microSD card (4GB card included). This eliminates the need for an external storage device or PC, and doesn't utilize network bandwidth. Old recordings may be overwritten or deleted automatically after a specified period of time. Power failures are not an issue, as the video and image sequences remain safely stored on the microSD card.
  • Smooth High Resolution Video Streams-Since image streams of 16 fps and higher are perceived fluid by the human eye, the maximum frame rate is limited to 30 fps (when using MEGA resolution of 1280 x 960) in order to provide sufficient camera processing power for other tasks.
  • Conclusive Still Images-Thanks to the proprietary MxPEG video codec, the recording can be paused at any given point and still provide meaningful and useful snapshots due to the absence of distortion. This is essential for security applications and allows individuals or license plates to be identified.
  • Good Details When Zooming-The high degree of detail provided by the 5MP sensor provides good detail when zooming. This allows for the camera to be installed far from objects and areas to be monitored.
  • Integrated Sensors-The sensors enable the camera to automatically detect when an event has occurred. If necessary, the camera will respond immediately with an alarm sound and will establish a direct video and sound connection to a control room. In addition, when the camera housing receives a blow, the integrated shock detector enables the camera to capture a video of the offender, trigger a sound alarm, and notify the security company by an SIP call.
  • Lip-Synchronous Audio Recording and Bidirectional Communication-In the event of an alarm, the camera can record lip-synchronous audio. Thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker, the camera can also be used for bidirectional communication (two-way video communication), so you can easily use the MOBOTIX App with your iPhone or iPad on the road.
  • Backlight-Proof for High Contrast Scenarios-The camera is not adversely affected by the glare from direct sunlight. The firmware with independent exposure settings helps the camera capture detailed images even in rooms with large glass fronts.
  • Decentralized Video System-The camera is equipped with a high-speed processor and flash memory (via microSD card slot, 4GB card included) to provide several days of recording time. The computer or video control center is required only to view and control the cameras. Most of the important video management functions that require a large amount of processing power are integrated into the camera. The on-board image processing ensures minimal network load.
  • Manufacturer SKU:MX-Q25M-SEC-D25

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