Honeywell LCP300-DK Desk Stand F/Gateway Controller

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The LKP500-DK is a desk stand installation kit for the LKP500 Lyric Smart Keypad. The Lyric Keypad is a SiX series wireless auxiliary keypad which can be used in conjunction with the Lyric Controller to arm, disarm, view status, or trigger keypad panics. With the LKP500-DK kit you can replace the back plate that comes with the Lyric Keypad, then, instead of wall mounting the keypad, you can position the Keypad at a 60 degree, or 30 degree angle on any flat surface, such as a desk, table, or kitchen counter.

The desk stand is convenient for those who may not want to permanently mount the keypad in one place, or perhaps, you simply don’t want to drill holes in the wall for mounting. You may live in an apartment or dorm, where this practice is discouraged. The desk stand can also be more convenient, why walk to a keypad on the wall when you could have one right next to where you work or relax?

To install, simply replace the Lyric Keypad back plate with the back plate included in the kit. Choose the desired mounting angle, and align the hooks on the stand with the slots on the new back plate. You may wish to route the power supply cable through the opening in the middle of the desk stand. Simply press the stand against the new back plate (in the position of your choice) and slide it up to lock it into place.

Unlike the L5000DM, the LKP500-DK is not bulky, and allows you to choose from two different viewing angles. More like a fixed kickstand, the process of switching from the 60 degree viewing angle to the 30 degree angle, or vise versa is as simple as sliding the stand down, removing it from the back plate, flipping it over, pressing it back against the back plate in the proper position, and sliding back up to lock it into place.

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