Cool CoMPonents TC-BSC-88 TeMPerature Controller

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These are basic but important items when it is desired to add automated control to our cooling and venting products. These units turn the fans on and off based on temperature and have fixed set points of 80F/27C, 88F/32C, 100F/38C, or 110F/43C. They are very easy to install as they simply plug inline between the power supply and fan units. Their small size allows them to be placed most anywhere. Please note that all set points are +/- 4 degrees

Use the TC-BSC-80 controller for rooms or closets since the ambient temperature is generally lower than cabinets and enclosures.

Use the TC-BSC-88 controller in cabinets or racks due to the fact that cabinets and enclosures can normally be 80oF / 27oC or more. Using the TC-BSC-80 is not appropriate in a small enclosure since this may cause the fans to never turn off.

Use the TC-BSC-100 & TC-BSC-110 in cabinets, racks, and enclosures for applications with either extreme circumstances where the ambient temperatures can rise quickly to temperatures between 100 and 115 degrees or more, or where placement of the controller is in close proximity to heat generating components with average operating temperatures of 100 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit or more.


  • Easily and Affordably Add Automated Control
  • On/Off Fan Control Based on Temperature
  • Multiple Applications
  • Compatible with All Low Voltage Cooling Venting Products
  • Four Versions - 80, 88, 100, and 110F Fixed Set Points
  • Compact Size for Easy Placement
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Polarity Protected

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