Cool Components TC-ALTV2 Advanced Lt Variable Speed

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The TC-ALTv2 provides automated on off and variable speed control based on temperature. It also features an alarm and three selectable modes with different on/off set points. The ^On^ set point for Mode 1 is 80°F/27 degree C, and is most appropriate for equipment room or closet applications. The set point for Mode 2 is 90°F/32 degree C, and is designed for cabinet, rack, and enclosure applications. Mode 3 is 100°F/38 degree C, and is also designed for cabinet, rack and enclosure applications but offers a higher set point for applications where the controllers sensor must be in close proximity to components or a higher temperature is simply desired. This mode is also ideal for two stage cooling applications when two controllers are used with one controller set on Mode 2 and another set on Mode 3. For each Mode, the fan/s will turn on at 50% speed and will increase in speed in a linear progression until full speed is reached at ~10 degree F above the ^On^ set point. As the system cools down the fan/s will slow down in a linear progression and ultimately turn off when the temperature drops ~3 degree F/2 degree C below the ^On^ set point. The alarm is set at a fixed 115°F/41 degree C. Another advantage of the unit is that it can be mounted most anywhere since it utilizes a remote sensor. In even more extreme applications, the sensor can be extended to control remotely mounted fans in projector enclosures, ventilation applications, etc.


  • Microprocessor controlled
  • On/off control based on temperature
  • Variable speed fan control based on temperature
  • Fixed set point alarm to protect systems from overheating
  • Sensor can be extended for remote equipment applications
  • Compact size for easy placement
  • 2 mounting flanges make installation easy and professional
  • Polarity protected

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