Cool Components RF-50X15 50X15Mm Replacement Fan

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This is a replacement fan the Cabinet Vent (VS-CV) and is easily replaced by simply removing the old fan from the housing and swapping it out with the new fan. Just for reference, this is a 50mm x 15mm Magnetic Levitation DC Fan with a specialty bearing system that reduces noise and increases longevity.Replacement:For the older mounting system, remove the 4 screws that hold the fan assembly into place and remove the assembly from the housing. When reinstalling, ensure the fan is positioned where the airflow is in desired direction and there is an arrow on the side of the fan that indicates the direction of the airflow. Once that is determined, ensure to align the power wire with the notch in the fan bracket and reassemble. With the newer mounting system where the fan is mounted using rubber mounts, simply pull the fan from the mounts by working from one corner and releasing one mount at a time. Trying to pull the fan straight off may damage the fan mounts.


  • This is a replacement fan the Cabinet Vent (VS-CV)
  • This is a 50mm x 15mm Magnetic Levitation DC Fan

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