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AKG MB3 High Performance Flush Mount Boundary Layer Microphone (FINAL SALE)
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AKG SST4500-SET-BD7-100MW IEM Stereo Transmitter - Band 7
Save 84%
AKG MK/GL Instrument Cable for AKG (Wireless Bodypack Transmitters) (FINAL SALE)
Save 82%
AKG P5 High-performance Dynamic Vocal Microphone (FINAL SALE)
Save 72%
AMX STS DAM+ Professional Tabletop Stand for use with DAM+ (FINAL SALE)
Save 80%
AKG AC12 PSU 12V 200mA Power Supply for EU/US/UK (FINAL SALE)
Save 78%
AKG PT470-BD8 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter - Band 8 (FINAL SALE)AKG PT470-BD8 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter - Band 8 (FINAL SALE)
Save 78%
AKG ZAPD21 BNC Power and Antenna RF Combiner (FINAL SALE)
Save 83%
AKG CK77 WR-L Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone (FINAL SALE)
Save 86%
AKG C400BL Boundary Microphone with XLR Output (FINAL SALE)
Save 77%
AKG ASU4000 Remote Antenna Power Supply (FINAL SALE)
Save 75%
AKG PT470BD7 Wireless Body-Pack Transmitter Band 7 (FINAL SALE)

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