The TVs of 2020 – Market Trends This Spring

The TVs of 2020 – On the Market This Spring

2020 is ringing in a new decade of TVS. Most of the TVs are an expansion on already existing technology and setting the stage for new industry standards. Across the board there was a notable uptick in sizing down 4K and 8K screens, future-proofing, and AI. The best part of this new technology becoming standard is that when brands compete, cost is driven down.

What does “Future-Proof” mean and how does it relate to my TV?

Future proof is defined as something that is designed so it can still be used as new technology emerges. The number one port featured on a lot of 2020 TVs is a HDMI 2.1 cable. This cable enables faster processing, higher frames per second. This is necessary as 4K and 8K TVs become more common and as gaming consoles evolve. 

AI: Artificial intelligence isn’t just for robots

Say your binge-watching your favorite TV show and the afternoon sun is hitting your screen and you cannot see the characters due to the glare. The introduction of ambient optimization means that your TV will change its brightness accordingly. AI will also influence your audio experience as well. New AI will track movement on the screen and shift audio in speakers accordingly, creating a stronger sense of surround sound.



Thickness and Screen Size

One of the most aesthetically pleasing screens that will be available is the LG OLED Gallery Series. The frame of the screen is just 15mm thick making it nearly bezel-less and can lay as flat to a wall as a picture frame would. This is possible because the speakers are located on the back of the screen and the input for the TV is located in a separate box. With an 8K screen it can display your favorite photos to enhance and create a cohesive, modern décor.

Screen sizes of 4K, 8K and OLED TVs are getting smaller. The shrinking of size in screen means more affordable pricing, for example, Mini LED TVs give you a picture closer to OLED at a more affordable level.



At this Year’s CES 2020 there were a few novel TVs of note.

The TV that’s never been seen before is the Samsung Sero. The Sero is a TV that allows you to watch your content on a vertical 43” screen. Mounted on a motorized stand, you can switch from watching a horizontal content (Netflix) to vertical content (Quibi or TikTok). This feature is fun if you already own a Samsung phone as Sero can sync with your device.

The next TV worth noting comes from LG. Their 48” CX4 can roll up ascending as opposed to the common descending TV. This is great as it is a more accessible installation feature; you don’t have to get up on a ladder or fuss with a projector and motorized screen.

Larger than life TVs have been around but Samsung definitely pushed new bounds. Samsung debuted a 292” screen. This massive screen isn’t realistic to a majority of home buyers who don’t have a single wall or large enough room to devote to a screen.